It’s been awhile ❤️

170418 ;

Spring has arrived , where all the flowers has bloomed and so my heart too. 😏 

The past few months, I completed my second solo trip & also my personal live had changed a lot. Yet there’s still a lot to achieved for this year goals.

I need to not give up and keep on trying till I achieve what I want. This year I made a lot of new friends and also reunited with my old friends. As much I love to socialise, I can’t do that frequently when months to come. I need to focus more on myself, my family & my life. 

Thanks to everyone who actually gave me encouragement and support. May Allah blessed every single one of you. 

I will want to be alone and in need of a space of my own for now. For that special someone in my heart, I already talked to you about this 🙂 I’m always in your heart and yours in mine. 

May Allah give me guidance and strength. Inshallah. 

Till next time guys ~

안녕 👋🏻 Annyeong

Emmayusof xx 은헤 


First Solo Seoul Adventure

Annyeong Readers ,

I will use this website to blog about my travel vlog & my current blogspot ,  Emma’s Blog , will mostly abt Korean reviews or any other reviews. 

So I have been quite busy lately so I dont have the time to blog. But today I wanna share with you guys my #EmmaSeoulAdventure  experience ^^ 

Its already been about a month since I came back from Seoul >< Honestly I missed Seoul so much till I got sick & had cravings for Korean food 😦 


I have always wanted to be a solo traveler & my first ever destination I wanna visit is Seoul , South Korea. And I did , thankfully & it was unforgettable experience really ^^ Being a female solo traveler is not easy , to convince my parents is another matter. But I am thankful that they gave me the permission to go & understand why I need to ^^ All you have to do is plan right , be brave lastly enjoy the moments. 

Why South Korea ? 

If you have been reading my blog , you will knew that I am into KPOP , Korean culture & Korean food. I just fell in love with the country ^^ And I went during winter and that is another bonus , hoping to spend my day in the snow. I also wanted to celebrate my birthday in Seoul so yeah thats one of the reason too ^^

My family sent me off at Changi airport , really sweet of them to make time to sent me >< I love you all ^^

So lets start ^^ 

1st January 2016 ;

My journey to Seoul from Singapore is about 8-9 hours flight. I took SCOOT & transits at Taipei for an hour before proceed my journey to Seoul ^^ I reached about 9.45pm KST >< But I spent a lot of time renting wifi egg & buying a sim card. So I left the airport near to 11pm KST. 


Wifi Egg Rental that I rent is very useful for me & I recommended everyone who travels to Seoul to rent this Wifi Egg ^^ It is very useful especially I am the type of person who use SNS & frequently update >< Not only that I also use Google Map alot when Im in Seoul so YES it is very usefuk for me. You only tell them how many days you renting and they will let you know how much per day. At the end of the day that you returned it is where you will make the payment 🙂 No deposit needed , they need your credit card so the credit card you gave them is the credit card you will be using to pay afterwards 🙂 

Sim Card is not compulsory for everyone but I bought is as I have friends staying in Seoul and its very easy for me to contact with them when Im there. But some SimCards have promo so you should do a research which is suitable for you before making decisions ^^

About 11PM KST , I made my way to get a cab to my guesthouse. The most stupid thing I did was I never wore my jacket before heading out & I only wore a pullover hahaha! When I sat in the cab my hand was freezing cold & another thing I was amazed is that the driver seat is on the left side. Hahahahaa! Since it was my first time in Seoul and my first ever country that i went that driver seat is the opposite side. But I adapt it quite fast hahahaha! I updated my brother & my bestfriends when Im in the cab. And just enjoy the night view in Seoul ^^ It was pretty really pretty. It is about 30-40 mins long to get to Itaewon and my cabfare is about near to 40,000 won. 

Accommodation ;

I never stayed in the hotel but I stayed in a guesthouse ^^ 

Where ? Eid Guesthouse in Itaewon.

For 16 days 15 night is only about 300,000 won only ^^  I made my booking via BOOKING.COM. One thing good is by doing a booking,com you can reserve a booking on your room first then make your payment when you arrived at the location 🙂 THAT’S AWESOME RIGHT! And whatever price that states during your booking day will be the same when you arrive , eventhough you made your bookings months before your trip.

credit : Eid Guesthoust Air BNB

So back to the guesthouse , why I chose Eid Guesthouse ?

I chose Eid Guesthouse for many reasons , firstly its a Muslim Friendly Guesthouse. As you know since I am travelling alone for the first time , so I was searching guesthouse that’s comfortable for me. & one thing about me is Im very particular about where is stay so I always looks at reviews before i made my booking. Second thing is , its located at Itaewon where mostly halal food restaurant is located at. FYI , Eid Guesthouse also has their own Halal Restaurant that is called Eid Restaurant located few mins away from the guesthouse. The guesthouse have 3 rooms. One is a female dorm that consists of 8 bunk beds. Two family room of 6 bunk beds. ( If I made an error of the number or beds pls inform me kinda unsure exactly how many beds for the family room >< ) Im stayed in the female dorm together with my new roommates too , i stayed in the top bunk. 

Location wise ,

Eid Guesthouse is located about 10 mins away from Itaewon subway station , you need to walk up a steep hill pass by the Seoul Central Mosque , pass by Eid Restaurant and in a few mins you will reach the guesthouse ^^ My advise is if you were to stay in Eid Guesthouse , when you first arrive in ICN Airport or Gimpo Airport do contact the staff before arriving & also take cab to the guesthouse 🙂 Once you get use to it you will no longer need to take a cab to your guesthouse ^^

Staff , 

The staff was friendly she picked me up outside the guesthouse where I was a bit lost and guide me back to the guesthouse ^^ She showed me my bed and also gave me good tips on travelling around Seoul as well ^^ The owners are Korean Muslim and are very humble , friendly & kind as well ^^ I will talk about their restaurant in my next post! 🙂

New Friends ;

I made new friends who are from Singapore as well at the guesthouse ^^ The funny story is that we acknowledge each other on the plane from Singapore to Seoul and out all of guesthouse in Seoul , we met up again in Eid Guesthouse ^^ Isn’t that just gave you goosebumps?? Hahaha , we treat is as fate 🙂 The awesome thing is we clicked right away after 5 mins brief introductions in the guesthouse & have late supper at Itaewon around 1AM ^^ 

After Midnight in Itaewon ;

We went to ate at this Pizza restaurant at Itaewon before we head to streets of Itaewon for late coffee ^^ It was super freezing cold it was a negative 2 if Im not wrong >< But it was worth it as I never get a chance to experience Winter in Singapore so its a memorable feeling for me. The first day in Seoul was on a Friday , so means Friday night at Itaewon and theres alot of people went there for clubbing. We just went there for a coffee so went to Holly’s coffee and I had my first ever Korean Cafe Latte there ^^ No regrets the coffee was AWESOME ^^ Just nice for my tastebuds 🙂

I end our first day with planning where to head out the next day hahaha ^^ 

So this is the summarize on first day in Seoul ^^

Any questions regarding my trip or my stay in Eid Guesthouse please do leave comments below ^^

You can click the link below to see my #EmmaSeoulAdventure Day 1 xx


Till my next post on Day 2 in Seoul ^^

Annyeong Readers ,

emmaysf xx

Hello WordPress ^^


23 August 2015 , 150823 ;

My first post on wordpress ^^ I will be active on both here and my current blog at ^^

I usually post a lot of my kdrama reviews on my current blog. I love to recommend k dramas to those who share the same interest as me. I am still thinking what should I post here >.< hehehe..

When I have ideas or I feel like typing I will post here then ^^

Thats all for today ^^

Annyeong ,

emmaysf xx